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Dates : June 17th - August 20th               

Summer Parkour Camp 2024

Ages: 6yrs + / Tuesday,  Thursday / Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

 Location: MonarX Agoura Hills

 Ages 9yrs + / Monday - Friday / Time: 12:30pm - 3:30pm


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If you’re looking for a Summer Camp for an active child full of spirit who wants to dive,    jump and flip over everything, you’ve found it! It’s popular (and personalized) therefore,      we DO require reservations for this camp. Limited Space Available. 

3 hrs of uninterrupted activity time to learn foundational maneuvers such as rolling, vaulting, flipping, jumping, climbing and landing + each camp day is not complete without parkour games, drills and stations. Parkour, free-running, vaulting, jumping, traversing, climbing, crawling, swinging and generally getting from point A-B is what PK is all about. This camp includes warm-up, PK stations, conditioning, games, nerf, and trampoline + flipping and freestyle stations.

Bring water, snack, shoes & socks. Eat lunch at home.

Look to the right for more Summer Parkour Camp Info 

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